We’re A Family Business

That’s Ready To Serve


Front Range House Offers was started so that the people of Denver have a local solution. It was started and has evolved into a family affair.  Which is fitting because Valerie developed her love of helping people and real estate from her parents.

We’re also a registered and verified company. We understand that might be a deterrent to some. But to us, that simply means we conduct business in a way that’s right and everyone’s treated fairly, without any attempts to deceive one another. We believe in being straight-forward and transparent about how we operate.

Meet Our Team Of Home Buyers


Barry Martin - I guess he can be "THE CHIEF" Manager

Barry spent the best part of 40 years as a computer programmer. While you may not recognize his name he has worked tirelessly for you, me, his family (me again) and so many people with 0's and 1's (while he developed into new languages, he has actually programmed in 0's and 1's - so cool!)

When she is not working, she enjoys being a new mom and spending time with her two little ones.


Alexa Martin - Chief Money Gal and Organization Developement

My mom's full name is Valerie Alexa Martin. I think Alexa is a very modern and cool name. Thing is as a kid apparently my mom hated it. So funny how times change. She actually goes by Val but worth a shot... LOVE YOU MOM!

Our Alexa puts "THE ALEXA" to shame in the organizational department. If you need something filed, stored, recorded, found or paid for (she's the money gal too). Mom is the hardest working, most caring, and selfless Mom in the world. You must read her full story if she lets me put it up. The last few years has proven just how amazing she is.


Jenn with 2 N's - Chief Process Manager

Jenn is the best. Like even better than me the best. When it comes to buying, selling, processing, or eating delicious treats she is the number 1 best.
When she is not working, she enjoys riding her bike - and she is really good at it! She always likes taking care of me (I hope) and our 4 adopted cats.


Me (Shaun) - Chief everything else Manager

That's me at home depot. I o there a lot. I go there after we buy houses to get new locks. I go there to get smoke alarms or possibly flooring for the rehab. I do a lot of material runs as we renovate houses so that the skilled contractors onsite can keep at it.

That said I do let people have breaks - I promise.

If you need anything from We Buy House in Denver and it's falls into the "other" category I am "THE GUY"

Our Company Values

As a home buying company, its important for us to keep our Core Values at the center of all our interactions with the people that we work with. These are our core values:

As a home buying company, its important for us to keep our Core Values at the center of all our interactions with the people that we work with. These are our core values:

There are no obligations when we give you a cash offer for your home. That means you can get a FREE offer and know what we’ll pay for your house without you having to deal with any pushy salesmen. Make Zero Repairs + Pay Zero Fees. The easiest way to sell your house, Guaranteed!



Hi, I’m Barry, or Mr Martin to Shaun’s friends I like to think of myself as the level head behind We Buy Houses in Denver; thanks for visiting our website! Helping people is my passion and I consider myself blessed to get to operate this home buying company and serve so many awesome people!

It’s my goal to provide you a beneficial solution to sell your house, all on your terms. If there’s anything we can do to go above and beyond to make the process more accommodating to you, please let me know, I am happy to go the extra mile. I look forward to meeting you and hopefully have the opportunity to serve you next! God bless.