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How to sell a house before a foreclosure

Facing foreclosure is always a difficult time and from our experience people that are facing foreclosure often have a lot of questions about how to sell their house before the sheriff sale. We put together answers to some of the frequently asked questions about selling a house before foreclosure. If you have other questions or want to discuss your specific situation, don’t hesitate to give us a call. 

Can I sell my house in foreclosure?

Yes you can sell your house in foreclosure. As long as the Sheriff Sale has not occured you can sell your house and pay your mortgage off with the proceeds. By selling your house before it is foreclosed on you will be able to save your credit rating and ensure you get any equity you have in the house. 

Can you stop a foreclosure in the last minute?

Yes you can stop a foreclosure right before a sheriff sale, but don’t wait too long to act. Selling your house can take time so you need to add quickly to avoid getting foreclosed on. Selling your property to an investor like Home Buyer Louisiana helps because we buy houses all the time so we can sum up very quickly what we could afford to pay and can make a quick decision to buy it. Since we pay cash we can also close fast and get your mortgage caught up and paid off.  

Can I sell if I owe more than the house worth?

If you have negative equity it does make it much harder to sell your house and avoid foreclosure. You won’t find any cash buyers who are going to be happy to buy your house fast for more than it’s worth. There are options that sophisticated investors can use to still buy your house and stop your house being foreclosed. The investor could work with your bank to negotiate a short sale, which is where the bank agrees to sell the house for less than the mortgage. We will buy houses for more than they worth if we leave the existing financing in place. In a case like this we would buy the house for above market value (This could be what you owe on your mortgage or possibly even more) but instead of using the sale proceeds to pay off the mortgage we would just bring the mortgage up to date and start making the payments on the note. We can pay more on these deals because we don’t have to use our own cash and can buy more houses with our money. 

Should I just let the bank foreclose?

This is always an option if you have no equity in the house, but it will impact your credit rating significantly which will stay with you for years. You will find it much harder to get credit and if get it you will have to pay a much higher interest rate than other people. You should always try and avoid foreclosure and there are lots of options to achieve this. If you are facing foreclosure don’t ignore it. If you reach out to us we will help provide some options for you that could save your credit rating and ensure you keep the equity you have in your house, not the bank. 

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We are the group of local investors that help people with problem homes. We always treat you professionally and with respect.


We pay cash which means nothing is dependent on banks approval or slowed down by redtape


We buy your house, as-is so you don't need to make repairs or clean the property


We can close quickly, sometimes you can sell your house as fast as 7 days.


You are dealing direct with the buyer so there are no realtor commissions or fees.

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